Conquer and Move Ahead

I really loved what this commercial showed in this young child.  His sense of invincibility and willingness to "take on" the giant (no matter how old the giant is).
I was immediately connected with the thought of asking myself about the "giants in my life."  some "giants" have been around longer than others.  Some will smile and act like they are your best friend.  Yet a giant is still a giant and often must be conquered to move ahead.  Do I still have that "sense of adventure and invincibility" in my life to confront these giants and keep moving forward?  The boldness of this child challenges me to take time and examine what really lies ahead of me.  Is this Friend or Foe?  What must I do to conquer the giant and just keep moving?
What "giant" lies in your way of moving forward?  Where's your sense of adventure that keeps your dreams alive and your heart strong enough to "take on" any giant that might lie in your way?

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