Love what you do for work and you'll never work a day in your life.

When I have the opportunity to work along side of individuals who really enjoy what they do, I can really sense their authentic desire to come along side of me and my efforts.  And whenever I come across one of these individuals, I love to give him/her a "shout out."  So, "Kuddos to you Rick!"
His talents of embracing and developing my web site were second only to his humble professionalism.  His trustworthiness gained my respect in a day where so many are really out for themselves and/or an opportunity to rip you off.  Basically, I believe that Rick's authenticity is based on his love for what he does.  He actually enjoys not only the technical aspect but also the communication aspect which is a rare combination these days.
I would highly recommend doing business with my new friend from the UK at  He is a freelance web designer, specializing in WordPress.  Ecommerce, brochures, and blogging is his forte.

Divorce, We Can Fix That

My heart once again sank after hearing about yet another (which is almost the norm) couple on the brink of divorce.  I don't know where you stand on divorce.  But one thing I do know, divorce sucks.  In many ways I see it as a permanent solution to a temporary problem, much like suicide.  I believe that in most cases, divorce can be avoided.  I believe that.
I remember that critical moment in the movie Star Trek where Ensign Pavel Chekov went running through the ship to fix a problem and save the captain while beaming him back onto the ship.  He ran with a purpose, a plan, and with passion yelling, "I can do zat."  Of course he saved the captain, it's the movies.  And I believe that marriages too can regain that purpose with a plan and restore passion.  This takes work. If you are willing to work, so are we, one step at a time.
Often, divorce is a result of years of accumulating junk.  I would normally use another word, but it might be seen as inappropriate.  No two marriages are alike. Junk comes in all shapes and sizes.  But I am "old school" and I believe in good things happening to good people.  I believe in your marriage.  Maybe we can take some "next steps" together and explore some possibilities of avoiding divorce.
I believe so strongly in the essence and approach of The Power of Next that I would challenge you to give your marriage three months with some simple steps with our program.  Connect with us and let us listen to you.  Together we can make growth happen.