Take Me Back

No one can argue that music influences us in many different ways.  It can motivate us, calm us down, and shape us in ways we don't even realize. The fun is always looking back 10, 20 years (or later) and reflecting on what music we allowed to influence us.
For me there has always been an attraction to folk music.  It began with John Ford Coley and James Taylor. Now I like almost every other style of music as well.  Yet folk music and "Oldies" from K-Earth 101 played primarily into my younger years.  Regardless of the style of music I find it fascinating how a song can "take you back" to another time and/or place and allow you to reflect on that which most likely played a role in forming who you are today.
This brief entry is just to see if you would care to share about a particular artist or song that "takes you back" to another time and place and what that has meant for you.  Enjoy your brief time of reflection.

Hiding Behind The Keys

Ok, maybe you've heard this before. Or maybe not. But with over 25 years of professional experience in the lives of many, I believe that I must comment on the crippling effect of our wonderful advances in phone technology.
The growing impact of texting has not produced better communication. It has definitely increased the amount of communication but not the quality of our time with others.  People have integrated into the lives with others the ability to "hide" their real selves and often seek individual affirmation and identity through the virtual world of electronic relationships.
I cannot tell you how many times my own teenagers will outwardly share their frustrations with others because of the (back and forth) 50 line text with another friend.  And it doesn't even occur to them to use the phone for its intended purpose (A PHONE!).  They seem to forget that the phone was invented to TALK with others and listen to them personally.  Wow, what a concept.
What drives me crazy is that other forms of social networking have also begun to cripple our society because of the real lack of interpersonal relationships.  Many are now incorporating "virtual identity" (allowing their social network life to determine their identity) into their personal identity.  It won't take you very long to recognize this.  Within 60 seconds of viewing your favorite social network, just watch as people post or chat about their animals, their food they so proudly made, and especially their kids.
OK, I get it.  Social networking has greatly increased our ability to share our joys with others.  Awesome.  But I have also discovered way too many persons now view communication electronically as the norm instead of verbal, face to face conversations.  What disturbs me even more is this trend disabling individuals from really dealing with root issues in their personal and social lives.  That's crazy.  Great communication tools designed to help us communicate are actually having a grave impact on our personal growth and development.  Just like anything else, too much of a good thing can harm you.  Yes, even social networking.
It's time to stop hiding behind the keys and increase the amount of "facetime" we have with those involved in our lives.
Communication is KEY in today's world.  Let's take full advantage of those electronic opportunities to maximize our lives.  But let's not let it determine who we become by ignoring ourselves or others.

Conquer and Move Ahead

I really loved what this commercial showed in this young child.  His sense of invincibility and willingness to "take on" the giant (no matter how old the giant is).
I was immediately connected with the thought of asking myself about the "giants in my life."  some "giants" have been around longer than others.  Some will smile and act like they are your best friend.  Yet a giant is still a giant and often must be conquered to move ahead.  Do I still have that "sense of adventure and invincibility" in my life to confront these giants and keep moving forward?  The boldness of this child challenges me to take time and examine what really lies ahead of me.  Is this Friend or Foe?  What must I do to conquer the giant and just keep moving?
What "giant" lies in your way of moving forward?  Where's your sense of adventure that keeps your dreams alive and your heart strong enough to "take on" any giant that might lie in your way?

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