The BIGGER the Dog...

How would you finish this statement?  Perhaps "the larger the bite" or "the larger the fight"?  Well, walking into a local coffee spot this morning I overheard two gentlemen discussing their day and only grabbed a quick moment of their conversation while passing by. The conversation went, "The bigger the dog, the larger the poop." I had to stop and just start laughing. It struck me as so funny that I had to share it with the barista. Now, we were both laughing. I ulitmately ordered my coffee and sat down to type out this Monday morning humorous thought.
This audible moment reminded me that in business sometimes we do encounter large poop when we begin to deal with the "bigger dogs". Yet "bigger dogs" does not always mean more powerful individuals/companies. In fact, today's business is never more enjoyable than when "big business" can happen with minor poop taking place.  Hey, Poop Happens. But it always boils down to relationship, trust, and confidence that can help us navigate the messiness that does and will take place. Business can be messy (poopy). Stay encouraged today fi your business feels a bit too messy.
Bigger dogs are awesome to have relationships with. They can be loyal, protective, and just all around awesome to be around. So let's challenge ourselves to always seek the positive in our relationships no matter the size of the dog. Let's also include laughter as part of our every day conversation so that we not only are encouraged but we might just also be an encouragement to others.