Seasons of Life

My daughter was so excited to send me this picture she took as she walked across her campus today. These frosted leaves (a rare sight in Southern California) reminded me to be thinking of others during this Holiday Season. Seasons bring with them joy and sorrow, heat and cold, challenges and celebrations.
So it is in this end of 2015 season that I wanted you to know that my heart is here for you. I will keep you in my prayers as we wait and see what lies ahead in 2016.
A text, an email or even just a listening ear. I will remain available for you if this season presents you with challenges where you could use a sounding board or a friend. All the best to you and yours.

Joy in the Sightings!

Do you know how rare it is to have this sighting? The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile has been spotted. It was not just passing by it on the freeway. This sighting was in a parking lot, giving out samples and fortunately for me, not gathering a crowd.
Yes, this sighting brought me great joy and excitement. It took me back to another time long ago. I remember seeing the weinermobile as a child and wanting to stop it, drive it and even live in it. Then, as a teenageer, I found myself following it on the road no matter where I was and tracking it down just to get a chance to sit  inside and take as many pictures as possible. Yes, I would stalk the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile like paparazzi.
I find it odd how quickly the smallest of sightings can bring about joyous memories from the past. How about you? What is it that brings about those fun memories from your childhood?
I am not talking happiness which is often circumstantial. I am talking about those moments in your past that bring about inexplicable joy, feelings of excitement, laughter and peace all wrapped into one. Take a moment and think about what "sightings" have taken you back and brought you joy. When is that last time you had one? Let's make sure that we aren't so busy that we miss these moments as they drive by us (or in this case, sitting in a parking lot). Look for these sightings and take a moment to absorb them when they do come your way.