Take Me Back

No one can argue that music influences us in many different ways.  It can motivate us, calm us down, and shape us in ways we don't even realize. The fun is always looking back 10, 20 years (or later) and reflecting on what music we allowed to influence us.
For me there has always been an attraction to folk music.  It began with John Ford Coley and James Taylor. Now I like almost every other style of music as well.  Yet folk music and "Oldies" from K-Earth 101 played primarily into my younger years.  Regardless of the style of music I find it fascinating how a song can "take you back" to another time and/or place and allow you to reflect on that which most likely played a role in forming who you are today.
This brief entry is just to see if you would care to share about a particular artist or song that "takes you back" to another time and place and what that has meant for you.  Enjoy your brief time of reflection.

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