Love what you do for work and you'll never work a day in your life.

When I have the opportunity to work along side of individuals who really enjoy what they do, I can really sense their authentic desire to come along side of me and my efforts.  And whenever I come across one of these individuals, I love to give him/her a "shout out."  So, "Kuddos to you Rick!"
His talents of embracing and developing my web site were second only to his humble professionalism.  His trustworthiness gained my respect in a day where so many are really out for themselves and/or an opportunity to rip you off.  Basically, I believe that Rick's authenticity is based on his love for what he does.  He actually enjoys not only the technical aspect but also the communication aspect which is a rare combination these days.
I would highly recommend doing business with my new friend from the UK at  He is a freelance web designer, specializing in WordPress.  Ecommerce, brochures, and blogging is his forte.

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