The BOOK That Started it ALL!

While I must admit that I enjoyed the times of actually writing this book versus actually reading what I wrote, I do believe that its design and purpose was accomplished. The intent of this book is to be a connection point of not just providing the reader some humor and vivid expressions of growth opportunities but also to allow the reader to connect at ANY TIME with a Coach or Listener via our main website and discuss what impacted them from what they read.
It has always been my hope and prayer that I would be able to come alongside others during their different seasons of life when they might just need someone to listen and maybe even get them unstuck. I consider it the highest privilege for which I was born. It's how I am wired whether I like it or not. In fact, it's my passion. When I am unable to come alongside others, my life becomes less than satisfactory. I have learned much over the years of listening to others. And together we grow. I hope that Mike Bearden and this book The Power of Next can breathe a bit of new life inspiration and challenge into your heartbeat during your life season. I will make time for you.
Mike Bearden

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