There's a Big Difference Between Image and Identity

A healthy IDENTITY is essential if one is to truly develop and grow. I am often asked by young people, "What is the meaning of life?" My answer is, "To Discover your Personal Identity, Embrace it, and Passionately Follow it the rest of your life." This answer is often followed by a round of applause. Not sure why. Maybe because that response is just too much to handle in a high school setting? But confusion sets in largely because the world can convince you that your image, or the image the world portrays as "successful," is your identity. When in reality, identity is much more than your image.

We are bombarded with IMAGE Conscious media with every turn. No wonder its increasingly difficult to look beyond the surface and love what's on the inside. Your Identity is directly reflective of what you choose to surrender your life to. The more you surrender to that job, person, substance, etc., the stronger your identity is tied to it. This is not a good or bad judgment. It is just a fact. Often identity can also be formed from the outside. Yet a strong identity is formed from the inside out.

True Identity comes from the inside out and not from the outside in. Image is mostly concerned with the outside appearance towards others. Identity is the inner strength to endure. It is the infrastructure that supports the building and growing of our lives. We all have seasons in our lives where we don't feel like growing. But we all have the same opportunity and time each day to grow. Grow forward with us at The Power of Next. Let Mike Bearden and his team listen with you and help you take your Next Step towards a strong Identity Development.

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