Hang On, It's an "E-Ticket" Ride

I found myself talking with a friend the other day when I made the comment that life was an "E-Ticket ride".  By that I was referring to the speed of how quick things were moving.  He not only smiled at my comment but also laughed.  So I paused and asked him what was so funny.  He chuckled and said, "I actually know what you were referring to when you said 'E-ticket'.  So I guess that dates me just a bit."  I didn't even realize my comment until we spent the next 15 minutes reflecting back on those earlier days at Disneyland.
I have traveled extensively over the past five years and often purchased my own "electronic" airline
ticket (E-Ticket) for my travel.  While I have had some adventurous flights in my time, adventure is not what I expected when buying my airline tickets.  Yet when I refer to an "E-Ticket" ride, I am looking back on the joyous times of my youth.  When going to Disneyland, you used to purchase a booklet of tickets upon admission for the different rides you could go on.  The faster rides were the E-Ticket rides and you only had two "E-Tickets" for each booklet.  So these were highly valued unless you just wanted to ride "It's a Small World" over and over all day.  There were always plenty of those tickets left over at the end of the day.
So, when I was describing my life as an "E-Ticket" ride, I was referring to the excitement and adventure that was accompanying it in recent months.  It is always so good to have others who you can not only share your current journey with but also who can relate to your journey's past.  Do you have that person or persons in your life that you can connect, share and listen with?  I would love to hear your "E-Ticket" story. Send it to me and let me know and perhaps it just might connect you with another who shares a similar journey.

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