Would You Like Fries With That?

Well, this morning I had another first.  Yep, it was my first viewing of a horse in a drive-thru.  Now, this might be routine for other places in the States.  But it is my first here in SoCal.  I had to get the photo.  So I ran out, took the picture, and spoke briefly with the two young ladies who were out walking the horse.

One of the ladies explained, "We have today off school, so we are working with our horse and training it."  Interesting choice.  No X-Box, no endless moments of mindless music with ear buds permanently attached to the head.  These young ladies chose to be productive, follow their passion, and perhaps even earn a few dollars.  Two things really impressed me about this moment today.  One, that these young ladies knew their passion and chose to follow it with any extra time they had in their lives.  And two, I was also impressed that the horse kept it clean while visiting the drive-thru.

But seriously, each day brings with it choices on what we do.  And sometimes, no matter how unique your day begins, each day brings with it the opportunity to follow your passion regardless of what others might think or how you might look in your pursuit of that passion.  So, next time you see a horse in a drive-thru, take a moment and reflect on your passionate pursuit of what drives you.  Are you making wise choices and taking the necessary steps in pursuing your passion?  We need more passionate-success stories today on people succeeding in pursuing their dreams.  Go for it!  And let me know if there is any way that I can come along side of you in this pursuit.  Happy horse viewing.

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