Do I Really Crave Adventure

I was filling up my gas tank the other day when a brief discussion with the on duty attendant caught my
attention.  He had resigned himself to accept his "kick back" and "uneventful" job as satisfying.  I asked him, "What do you do on your off time?"  He shared with me "a little of this, and a little of that" which include various forms of partying.
Maybe I am the crazy one here.  But I grew up thinking that most people truly wanted to and deeply craved adventure in life.  Yet, over the years my travels and time with many individuals have brought a new reality to life.  I now feel as if the majority of people do not crave adventure FOR their lives.  This realization distinguishes itself from craving adventure (once in a while or just on the weekends) IN their lives.  The businessman or the gas station attendant both love to live for the moment and then seek release from the previous week's mundane life.  All most people want is to "get their own" and "protect their own."
This is my challenge.  I desperately want to carry this adventure lifestyle into the lives of all the people I meet.      So I ask myself, "How do I transfer this adventure crave into the lives of others?"  The answer is that I don't. I was created and wired a certain way.  Each person was created a certain way as well.  BUT, the key here is to get people BEYOND THEMSELVES and into the lives of others.  And that is how I am wired.  I was beautifully and wonderfully made with the purpose of serving others.  Whether I like it or not, that's who I am.
How about you?  How are you wired?  Do you crave adventure IN or FOR your life?  Does your identity wire you to serve others?   True adventure comes when you serve others.  Let me know of some of the best adventures you've seen or participated in while serving others and how that impacted your life.

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